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: Spot misleading ads in the and beverage sector ? Snap and Whatsapp at 7710012345

Women should always be treated with respect. Any man abusing a woman should get his ads kicked and/Or arrested.

What this sounds like an amazing place. A store designed for tall women? That is awesome, come on you deserve a free gift from their CEO. They should be putting you in some ads just handing you stacks of cash. I know a tall-lady in training who"d buy it if they did!

And as usual no Native American men or women get recognized or mentioned ( or are even in ads ) cause we dont complain or cry victim

Alright folks this autistic fox lady needs to go to ads that say men in women"s restrooms because *fuck you*.

Are you aware your ads are currently running during Sean Hannity"s show? Hannity attacks women that speak out and has defended sexually preying on children. Many companies already removed ads. I’ll never go to McDonald’s again

Thank you for stoping ads on Hannity, I’m a 57 yr old sexually assaulted women, 1st age 5 tied to a bale of hay by an Uncle his neighbor; all women should be believed, I didn’t tell anyone my stories until my late 30’s. Hannity is disgraceful

It does seem that it"s becoming ridicules as the women in the lingerie ads are covered. You see more skin in summer walking through the shops.

I"ve never liked the smell of anything AXE. So why do the women in the ads go gaga over the guys wearing it? There must be something wrong with their noses.

Kuerig pulled their ads from Hannity because he brought GOP senate nominee Roy Moore on and defended him. Roy Moore has multiple sexual assault and misconduct allegations against him - notably one from a women who was 14 at the time while Moore was 32.