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Varanops is an extinct genus of Early Permian varanopid synapsids known from Texas and Oklahoma of the United States. It was first named by Samuel Wendell Williston in 1911 as a second species of Varanosaurus , Varanosaurus brevirostris. [1] In 1914 , Samuel W. Williston reassigned it to its own genus and the type species is Varanops brevirostris. [2]

Varanops was a large pelycosaur, around the size of the modern monitor lizards. It was about 1.2 m (3.9 ft) long, and had large limbs and sharp, backward-curving teeth. It was one of many agile, voracious predators among pelycosaurs. Even though it was large for its time, Varanops was very small compared to the dinosaurs. [6]

Varanops is the type genus of the family Varanopidae. Cladistic analysis performed by Nicolás E. Campione and Robert R. Reisz in 2010 suggests that Varanops is a derived varanodontine , sister taxon to the clade formed by Varanodon and Watongia. [3]

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