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So… where were we? I’m not really sure, where the last year went, but a lot of client work and traveling made me neglect this space for far too long. Sorry about that!

Braised leeks and scallions have been around for quite some time, and they are absolutely delicious on their own. Yet a little fiddling, some added Mozzarella di Bufala and stale bread can turn this basic vegetable into an incredible elegant appetizer.

How’s the cookie situation in your house, this very Christmas-y morning? Are cookies and gingerbreads still piling up high on decorative plates? Or have certain types of cookies already vanished into belly nirvana ?

So you would wait 40 years and 30 days before an election you suddenly decide now is the time? How convenient.

I hope so! This writing for Susan is incredibly destructive. She is not an evil psycho like Kristen. :-/

I wanna workout today but I’m so sore from the last 2 days

My throat went from a little scratchy to so sore that I can"t talk, and I"m going to murder my co-worker who had a persistent cough for ages but refused to take sick days for it

Well, after endless programming in that last two days, I was finally able to encode the data so that my ADMM design converges. Don"t know why sample data was a lot different than training data.


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I"m so mad that on work days I can"t get up by 9 without an entire production, but on a Saturday I went out of my way to make sure I could sleep in on, I awake at 7-something 2 hours later have not managed to make myself fall back asleep.

Donald Trump says he thinks Vladimir Putin was ‘very insulted’ by allegations that Moscow helped him get elected presidentDonald Trump has said he believes Vladimir Putin spoke genuinely when the Russian president denied meddling in last year’s US election.Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One on a flight leaving from an international summit in Vietnam, Trump said the two world leaders had “two or three very short conversations”. Continue reading.

/on /off. it seriously feels like it"s been two days. the negative energy has been getting to me off here too. i"m so sick of my sister. though I have a little more hope, they stopped cooking ground beef, ugh. if you ever wonder why you have no energy, count how many veggies you.