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I sometimes forget Meryl and Chaaarliiee aren"t competing this season and I cry

It will be great when Trump and GOP aren"t actively sabatoging ACA.

You sld invite me next time. I have offered numerous ideas on explaining to swabbers they aren"t on list w/o processing fee.

Walk around Roath in the summer to see the HUGE difference when the students aren"t here. Big issue that many are concerned about.

My mom said that my friends online aren"t going to help at all when I need them just bc I wasn"t listening to her about Meryl Streep

Oh yeah? What bills has he passed into law? Mocking the disabled, attacking Meryl Streep, and p*ssy grabbing aren"t bills?

Blanket statements aren"t great, yes. IMHO a mainstream news source bringing this issue 2 forefront far outweighs 1 opinion re: crunches

Whenever Someone Says Cellos Aren"t Metal, I Show Them This

I know those aren"t real drinks but donnie"s not a real president, sooooo

dating site for sex pistols film utorrent

Ugh, can we just stop talking about Meryl Streep already? Aren"t there other actresses?

Female survivers aren"t at all always treated well. And let"s not forget that in some countries, if they"re married, they can be tried for