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Absolute temperatures are stated in units of kelvin in his honour. While the existence of a lower limit to temperature ( absolute zero ) was known prior to his work, Lord Kelvin is widely known for determining its correct value as approximately −273.15 degree Celsius or −459.67 degree Fahrenheit.

Always active in industrial research and development, he was recruited around 1899 by George Eastman to serve as vice-chairman of the board of the British company Kodak Limited, affiliated with Eastman Kodak. [6]

William Thomson's father, James Thomson , was a teacher of mathematics and engineering at Royal Belfast Academical Institution and the son of a farmer. James Thomson married Margaret Gardner in 1817 and, of their children, four boys and two girls survived infancy. Margaret Thomson died in 1830 when William was six years old. [7]

Все глаголы в английском языке имеют три формы, которые формируются благодаря несложным правилам. И только неправильные глаголы никаким правилам образования не поддаются. Потому они и называются «неправильными». Это, естественно, очень неудобно в изучении такого «правильного» и почти математически точного языка. Однако, запомнить их надо. Ведь использовать всё равно придётся. С какой же стороны подойти к задаче? Читать полностью

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Meeting to be held as Palestinian protests and global criticism grow over Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israeli capital
The UN security council is expected to meet on Friday to discuss Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a decision against which condemnation continues to mount across the Middle East and internationally.Eight countries on the 15-member council requested the meeting, including the UK, Italy and France, amid claims from Palestine and Turkey that Trump’s recognition is in breach of both international law and UN resolutions. Continue reading.

рэп-рок [1] [2] [3] [4]
ню-метал [5] [6] [7]
рэп-метал [1] [2] [8]
альтернативный рок [9] [10]

Bret «Epic» Mazur
Seth «Shifty» Binzer
Kraig Tyler
Kyle Hollinger
Doug «Faydoedeelay» Miller
Anthony «Trouble» Valli

Пол Наташа sweep - swept - swept
Дом в порядке keep - kept - kept
Потому что know - knew - known
Что когда-то grow - grew - grown
И, конечно, dream - dreamt - dreamt выйти замуж без проблем.

Я кирпичик throw - threw - thrown
Он в окошко fly - flew - flown
Меня дядя catch - caught - caught
К папе с мамой bring - brought - brought