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Tyronn Lue the former NBA player who was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1998 has been name head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers, therefore who could be the Cavs’ first lady? Wonder if you know if Tyronn Lue is married? Does he have any girlfriend? Fiancee? Children? Find out!

Tyrone Lue replaced David Blatt as head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who fired Blatt even though the Cavs are leading in the finals last season and leading the Eastern Conference. Some sources suggested LeBron James had something to do, but Cavs’ GM David Griffin the reason was “a lack of fit with our personnel and our vision” as the reason for Blatt’s firing.”

6’0” Tyronn Lue was born on May 3rd, 1977 in Mexico Missouri to Kim Miller and Ron Lue. Ron Lue was never big part of his life as he was sent to jail for drug trafficking leaving his mother Kim to raise him, and his two siblings by herself brother Gregory Miller and little sister Shakea Latoi Lue.

Hmmmm interesting vibe between James and Logan, Logan looked jealous when James girlfriend arrived

When someone whose wedding you went to gets like, low key divorced and just quietly and gradually swaps in their new girlfriend on FB and IG and just kinda erases all history of wife but never mentions anything.

It’s so sad to see military wife’s/girlfriend cheat on their Significant other while they are over fighting for our country.

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Smashing hoes that you know you wouldn"t wife up gets kinda boring after a while, you be done and on the way home and thinking to yourself damn I wish I had a girlfriend

She literally has a wife and a girlfriend while this dude has neither