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Does your wife or girlfriend have a lot of male friends that sometimes makes you jealous? Do you worry that something may happen between her and one of her male friends? It’s a normal reaction to contemplate the possibility that your girl may leave you for another guy when she has lots of male friends. […]

Bahahaha I’m dying. I just had a dream that I was dating

FNN: President Trump visits with Norwegian Prime Minister, signs drug legislation into law - Duur: 9:31:03.

Y"all mad annoying dating someone for a month or two and call yaself a wife nah u can"t be that desperate especially after the age of 25 chill. It sounds bad sis!

This conversation jah got me wanting to find my wife soon lmao. I just realized how much I hate dating now

How to tell when a woman is taking advantage of you so you don’t end up getting screwed over. Some guys in their own neediness and desperation for love, will often get involved with women who only want to be their friend and are clear about their intentions, but the guys mistakenly assume she’ll change […]

People are sharing their before-and-after/glow up coming out pics after a teen posted a picture of herself with her freshman-year boyfriend next to a photo of her with her senior-year girlfriend.

Oh well that’s neat, I have no idea about any of those apps. I’m the equivalent of asking your great grandma about dating apps.

I don’t think i like dating a hood nigga like u just not gone be calling me your bitch I’m your girl, your wife periodt

Photo: Pinterest You re in an open relationship and you have a husband and girlfriend. Couples who partake in polyamory don t usually need to worry about their spouse or partner falling in love with the other woman or man. But what if either one of you falls in love with someone else? Here s how to handle it. Keywords: open relationship, polyamory, Relationships, polyamorous relationshipread more

General! What did I told you about dating the high priest’s wife?

In October 2016, a group gathered in San Francisco for the TEDWomen 2016 conference, this year themed around the idea of time. One talk was given by Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger, who took the stage to share a story that took place in 1996, when Stranger raped Elva, then his girlfriend. The talk had [ … ]