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In April 2013, Showtime announced that season eight would be the final season of Dexter. [4] The season-eight premiere was the most watched Dexter episode with more than 3 million viewers total for all airings that night. [5] The original broadcast of the series finale—shown at 9 pm on September 22, 2013—drew 2.8 million viewers, the largest overall audience in Showtime's history. [6]

Dexter: Early Cuts is an animated web series that premiered on October 25, 2009. [7] Michael C. Hall reprises his role as the voice of Dexter. [8]

KTV Media International Bullseye Art produced and animated the webisodes, working closely with Showtime for sound editing, Interspectacular for direction, and illustrators Kyle Baker , Ty Templeton , Andrés Vera Martínez, and Devin Lawson for creating distinctive illustrations. The webisodes are animated with 2.5D style, where flat two-dimensional illustrations are brought to life in three-dimensional space. The first season was created and written by Dexter producer/writer Lauren Gussis. She was nominated for a Webby for her writing on the first season.

I think the reason why both my mom and I were suffering from relationships this year was because the Most High had to make us realize the one relationship we"re missing out on was the relationship between me and her. Didn"t see it until now and honestly I"m very thankful

More on managing sibling relationships. How to talk about neurodiversity in primary school. How to teach young autistic people about relationships, sex and consent in a way which gives them choice and protects them from harm.

That a man is suing Fletcher Cox for having an affair with his wife is just another story in the Women Have No Sexual Agency Without a Man"s Intervention plot line. And it"s b.s.

Your producer is wrong! Different time and culture. Look at history of relationships and marriage.

The best kinds of relationships are the ones no one ever expected to happen

I’ve had many bad relationships throughout my life, but none as damaging as that with the England Cricket Team.

I’m not talking about the guy exposing himself at a business meeting. I’m very interested in the men and women navigating personal relationships and trying to build a concensus.