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Former world champion hurdler and BBC presenter recalls in Swedish documentary how he told his parents of his sexualityThe British Olympic silver medallist and BBC sports presenter Colin Jackson has spoken publicly for the first time about being gay, saying he thought the time was right to reveal his sexuality.In an interview for a Swedish documentary called Rainbow Heroes, the Welsh two-time 110m hurdles world champion said the reason he had not previously spoken of his sexuality was to avoid it being “sensationalised”.
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This Medical Devices Company was facing challenges with facilitating foreign language translation, streamlining the label approval process, achieving compliance with global regulations and reducing label errors. The NiceLabel Enterprise Platform allowed them to:

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Is there a white label registration system for patients to schedule doctor appts? This could make healthcare easier improve communication.

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This is a TV Club series that’s just for Slate Plus members. If you are not yet a member and would like to listen to the entire season, learn more at In this latest episode of Slate’s weekly Game of Thrones podcast, the Slatesters recap this season’s finale. The three chat about the big meeting of powers at King’s Landing, the not-surprising reveal of Jon’s lineage, what they think might happen in the final season, and of course, the Worst Person in Westeros.

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В условиях роста конкуренции, усиления государственного контроля и регулирования, истечения срока действия патентов и роста давления на ценообразование производители оказались в непростой ситуации. Чтобы успешно конкурировать на рынке, фармацевтические компании вынуждены искать пути повышения операционной эффективности и снижения производственных издержек.

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