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Source: Sex You Up by De-Va'Je

I still think of you sometimes Should I call you up?

Do you still like to dress up?

Stowmaster Towbar built by Roadmaster. Very heavy duty construction. Collapses and folds up for easy handling. Similar new models retail for $495+. Link to model details: Asking $150 OBO.

Will you be able to discuss what was going through the mind of Salman Abhedi before he blew himself up in Manchester?

Wants to lead a 'Phull-er' life VMware’s UK boss has insisted it was his decision to quit Virtzilla to pursue pastures new and spend more time with his young family.…

Lucy: Anyway, I was hoping we could test out your skill retention. See if you"ve picked up some of Ezio"s abilities.

Sometimes the very people you look up to, let you down

And you can tweet at everyone else but not respond to me??? Thank you. UPS is really going down hill. Apparently 0 of their employees have brains. Please just send me my package or let me pick it up I am done dealing with this.

Ferocious Santa Ana winds raking Southern California are whipping explosive wildfires, prompting evacuation orders for thousands of homes.

If I pull up on you and don’t have a blunt or a joint already rolled just know I don’t really fuck with you

You"re going to have to come up with something better than that the Cornell Foundation! Cuz u ain"t got nothin on that! Attack trolls attack

I don’t love you no more. Just face it. You fucked up.

Good to pump you up mate

«When to give number online dating» от veabworkpere — в Яндекс.Коллекциях

You are correct sir. Let me know next time you are in Columbus. I will make a run up there.