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One Of The Most Frustrating Things About Women - EXPLAINED - Duur: 4:37.

There"s no devastating feeling like when you get to your front door only to remember you forgot something in your car.

Only when I appear to be genuinely enjoying myself do people bother me with some foolishness.

I voted for Senate version HB111 when it came to House. And w/o the votes, pushed compromise. Glad we"re eliminating cash credits at least.

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Поскольку рассматриваемая функция принимает в качестве параметра временные метки типа integer , форматирующий символ u будет полезен только при использовании функции date_format() и пользовательских меток времени, созданных с помощью функции date_create() .

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Данный способ более надежен, чем простое вычитание и прибавление секунд к метке времени, поскольку позволяет при необходимости гибко осуществить переход на летнее/зимнее время.

Love it when kids ask me to in the shop for them, actually not me that looks 12

When Steve Scalice got shot that had a lot to do with it, Ed Perlmutter says about a moment he decided to get out of the CO gov race

Uber riders in more than 100 markets may notice something new after they complete a trip: the option to tip their driver.

My nose is soo picky when it comes to smells like I either like something or it gives me headaches that"s why I"m so picky with perfumes

Writer Preston Mitchum slams the National Rifle Association's recent ad as an attempt to feed into propaganda and marginalize people of color.

В ассортименте нашего магазина Вы найдете для себя автомобильные аккумуляторы известных мировых и украинских торговых марок:

DETA (Германия), EXIDE (Испания), CENTRA (Испания-Польша), ТАВ (Словения), TOPLA (Словения), FORSE (Украина), WESTA (Украина), A-mega (Украина), VARTA (ЕU), FIAMM (Италия), MUTLU (Турция), OBERON (Украина) и другие.

Anybody who talks to me on here, keep that same energy when you see me in person. Aint no more keep switching characters. That"s for anybody

Bayern are always so silent and efficient when it comes to transfers. You hear the rumor one day and the next there"s a club announcement.

When I read that, I immediately imagined college students hurriedly signing petitions to ban water.

Only when he goes to the Federal pen at Lewisburg. Of course, there he will be in his element and he can enthrall them with all his stories.

You know it"s gonna be a rough day when you try to get out of bed and fall out

Avanti Markets, a company whose self-service payment kiosks sit beside shelves of snacks and drinks in thousands of corporate breakrooms across America, has suffered of breach of its internal networks in which hackers were able to push malicious software out to those payment devices, the company has acknowledged. The breach may have jeopardized customer credit card accounts as well as biometric data, Avanti warned.