Topics: Bob & Sheri

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He’s so annoying. He’s mad because relative’s funeral will be tiny. So what??? His will be even smaller.

And this is what"s happening to Saudi now. They have become super rich, yes. But that is very recent relative to their history and they still have the same culture and mentality. That shit is pretty hard to eradicate.

I agree with a lot of what you"re saying but would challenge relative leniency towards desire as an overwhelming/driving force

Canceling"s always been relative to me. Some people have higher thresholds of what they will or won"t tolerate.

How do we know or why do we care who deserves what? Aren"t we all just meaningless clumps of cells bumping into each other, with relative truths, headed for eventual heat death?

What about the main accused Sajawal, relative of Amin Ganda puri?

A relative? Love the hair colour. Would look good in red and white. What do you think?

What a save by Cech. Meanwhile, a relative of Jay-Jay Okocha is ready to come on.

Coincidence phone calls in 2006 admitted from landMARK my neighbor Mark in Richmond killed a relative said replaced her, as Gang Stalkers also said I was innocent in2006as they all laughed in a group over the phone about what they did, so, youre a fool if you think theyre sorry