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Anew study suggests that intelligence and creativity are linked to sarcasm.

Low- and middle-income countries have been forced to be innovative in finding low-cost and effective solutionsThe ageing crisis facing Britain, the US and other wealthier nations could be partly addressed by adopting initiatives being developed in poorer countries, experts say. Low- and middle-income countries have been forced to be “innovative and ingenious” in finding low-cost and effective solutions for their growing elderly populations. Continue reading.

When you just have to accept the fact that you look like crap Today and there"s no fixing it

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It's one of the biggest Hatewatch Holidays of the year! Get you a guy who can do just one, because it's Chris Columbus Day! Join Kirstie, Kelsey and her bread starter in celebrating the second most douchiest Chris Columbus we know by covering two of his cinematic masterpeices, Harry Potter and Home Alone. We've got debates such as whether or not Susan Bones had a speaking role, fucking flutes, naive newborn babies on all sides, two of the Three G's of the DanRad School of Acting, and a receptionist named Dambledoor. Mark your calendars for next year!

Любишь футбол? Загляни на огонек! Капитан корабля у тебя в душе? Смотри как стать лучшим!

Let"s see how long is your savage/ sarcastic thing going to last with me

Can someone teach me how to stop laughing out loud on the hilariously sarcastic repliessssss!!!!!???

Ohh good to hear we got a fellow determinist. Glad to hear that comment wasn"t at all sarcastic.



and then

sound crashing like
an unstoppable wave of


of panic
and a buzzing;
to the left,
to the right,
all around me
wrapped like cotton wool
slowing my reactions,
as blood

it oozes


and death comes visiting,
paying no respect
to the life He is taking,
to the life we are letting go.

it is over.

Don"t be to sarcastic. I can slap you over and over again with my stupidity.

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I was being sarcastic hipster. Go back to wheeever you came from