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Mind to give this girl a followback, then?

Hello AskPerf! Wanted to send you a very long overdue note on the current status of the AskPerf Blog site. We are in a transition period on ownership of this blog site going forward. I personally have moved on to another team, and the remaining Performance folks have as well. With that said, a decision. Read more

Pastor Greg Laurie says one of the most effective ways that parents can teach a child to follow the Lord is to follow the Lord themselves. Pastor Greg helps moms and dads put their faith to work in the home. Tune in for practical insight from his Christian family series.

Hi I want to decrypt my traffic from my browser (Firefox Quantum). It sends https traffic over my router, where I try to dump it with tcpdump. Then I want to decrypt that file with wireshark and I want to see if I can get the URLs that I visited. I read that I need a ssl key and a tls key in order to do that. However, it seems not to work. But I am sure that I am doing something wrong. Therefore I wanted to ask if my start is correct at all: tcpdump -i wlan0 -s 0 port 443 -w dump.pcacp Thanks jdoe

I met a girl, a human girl. Should i marry her?

Sam, Meredith, and Sam start 2018 with school talk and disdain for atheist flags. Becky joins in to interview Mandisa Thomas of Black Nonbelievers. Hosts conclude by examining some of the week’s Best Words. News Kansas school halts Bible giveaway Atheist flag flies above Ten Commandments in NH town Trump tweets about size and functionality […]

Call me old fashioned but just getting drunk with a girl a few times does NOT make her my “best” friend lol. Obviously friends, but no. Stop being so dramatic y’all damn

[8.8. Compare two capture files]( This web introduce how to "Compare two capture files" in "Wireshark User’s Guide For Wireshark 2.5". I download the newest wireshark in After installation, I still cannot find the "Compare" window, can anyone find the reason?

I remember I threw this girl a curve ball when she asked So, what gonna do? And I said watch anime and play video games lol