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There are people who talk about getting things done. And then there are people who see opportunity, roll up their sleeves, and do it. The Flextone brand has been developed and improved over the years by a long line of doers who are never fully satisfied with available game call options. Whether it's due to unnatural and ineffective performance, highly adaptive animals, or out-of-reach price points, Flextone was created to continually put performance-driven calls into the hands (and mouths) of hunters.

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What does “you butter my egg roll mean” ???

Does this mean I won’t hear Pitbull tonight

Hahaha. I literally do not understand the Screen shot, or anything you just tweeted me means. : ) ) Really, what does all that Twit Blather mean??

*googles what does cuff mean?*

Русские красотки в порно видео! Только самые красивые девушки.

Were the same size, does that mean I can borrow your shoes?

Did I just give you enough evidence to crack the case? Does this mean Fashion Files is over? Wait! Is Hepatitis even spreadable through contact? This is wild.

“I’m your ex so treat me like one” is one of my favorite quotes that I ever heard. Seriously? What does that even mean!? You didn’t deserve someone trying that hard for you.

What does the tibetan words mean?

What does I mean in lbgtiq.