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Thick skin a relative thing though for some people. Some people got it and others really don"t. Not for a lack of trying either.

I love the smell of rubber. And, I love wearing it under my street clothes, right under my nose all day long.

/ why can"t we be happy for our idols" personal lives instead of living in this unrealostic dream of our biases dating us

Internet in general kind of a cesspit regardless of the occupation you got.

There must be something about dating a military man because 90% of boyfriend IG posts today involved them

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I find the come back dynamic of insulting me, who did nothing wrong, very telling about your dating life Victor.

I have a preference but that doesn’t mean o won’t date a man without kids. They both allow for different kinds of dating experiences

Hard to ignore shit in general when it"s hundreds of people shitting on you at once.

/ i never complained when hyly wllms of prmr got married. I was happy for her. I was happy when drk and rhnn were dating

Боер Добрых. Gypsy social network «GipsyNet», dating & meeting

A model"s just an imitation of the real thing. ~Mae West

Sad. my bf"s sister is dating guy who is around 23 he doesn"t know Ace of Base"s I Saw The Sign was and it made me die a little inside.