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The president is expected to announce the end of DACA, an Obama-era immigration program, but with a six-month delay. The panel discusses the back and forth.

The world literally kicks and stomps lgbtq people down everyday, and then wants to play victim when we fight back.

It"s silly to me to criticise Miley for shifting away from hip hop when us as a culture never took her seriously in the first place.

I hate when my tweets make it to other social media platforms because I don’t want my colleagues and family to know about this account

Yeah, it"s that thing that happens to other ppl. When a doctor says it to you, it takes your breathe away. Stay strong, head up.

It"s quite insulting to take the "glass half full" approach when in reality the glass has been shattered to pieces

When a student is off task because they"re obsessed w/ being great at something else and I have to act like I"m mad.

The Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) is the leading international body concerned with tax administration. The FTA, which brings together Tax Commissioners from 50 advanced and emerging tax administrations (including OECD and G20 countries), held its Plenary meeting in Oslo on 27-29 September.