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Nice panty choice! My teacher did that in 7th grade very hot but your experiment sounds way hotter! Any one take picture of them showing?

My girlfriend wears granny panties, amongst other styles. I think they are as hot as any style, especially in all manner of colours and patterns. Seems to me like you're class got a treat! Never be embarrassed by the style of your panties. Only be embarrassed if they are not clean! Most males don't care about the style of panties. Be proud of what you wear! :-)

Precocious guy! lol showing my waistband never bothered me, much. Once in a while, when someone says something, though, it does.

Was just in a dressing room and I heard the girl next to me say ugh I hate boys girl don"t we all

Agree Buddy But was hole offense today Nxt yr hopefully we have an Offensive HC that incorporates TE in plan w ASJ and Leggit we have two good ones to use Patience Buddy don’t let them get to u It doesn’t pay They don’t listen or care what fans say. I know been a fan for 40 years

Mega Mondays this Fall at Central! We’ll have a great meal fellowship, wonderful music, and great preaching. Don’t miss a single service!

Why don"t WE all together make a plan and make it the biggest story in the world? We can do that if we want to.

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