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Guys, I keep finding things I forgot I had, there is no moderen section so I will post these here. These are some of my own bring backs from Iraq 1991. You can tell their officers went to Sandhurst. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment.

Well Chris, what were they? 4 or 5-inch heels? Get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off in a public forum.

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You know you are on the World War One General Board. Its general in that it covers General Topics dealing with WWI. Not just dealing with one country; but every country that was in WWI and any general topic about WWI no matter what the Country or the topic about WWI.

God Bless and God Speed,

He was talking about BB services that included encrypted data protection on Bbm which went open forum. Check your facts Sharmeen.

What do you want him to say? Try to keep an open mind when you don"t have the facts. It"s better than presuming the worst.

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Some books that will help now, and hopefully in the future -- including some interesting ones to help to teach our children the conservative viewpoint.

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If you understood facts you wouldn"t look like a willfully ignorant schmuck on such a public forum.

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Hi this is estate item is very heavy and sharp I don t know how to remove the handle to see any identification marks I believe it s from World War II any information would help possible katana sword etc.
I don t have the sheath for it but it seems very sturdy

Twitter’s a public forum. I dislike snake oil. I’d prefer to see people take advantage of scientific medicine. You’re threatened by facts.

I definitely agree. Doesn"t change the facts as presented though.