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The new PS4 Uncharted game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is plenty likable , with lots of scenic vistas, exciting car chases, and all the other expected Uncharted trimmings. It’s also extremely good-looking, especially if you pay close attention.

Early in the game, protagonist Chloe Frazer and her partner Nadine Ross arrive in the Western Ghats of India to search for a long-lost artifact. It’s a larger, more open area than in past Uncharted games, so much so that the game gives Chloe a map to help her navigate. Like in a lot of other games, if you press the map button, the game will pause and she’ll take out her map so you can check your location.

Each time you find a new point of interest or temple, Chloe takes out her map and writes on it. Maybe she’ll cross off an area they’ve already visited, or mark a new location based on new information.

I"m terribly sorry guys, because I didn"t expect to be this delayed. Faiiled render 3 times, uploading takes forever as well.

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