Topics: Why did this online dating profile work so well?

I know how intimidating it can be to approach a man who s known a woman before. as in, like, known her, like talked to her and given side hugs and everything.

So Josiah is the bad boy of fundie land! I m surprised they re able to keep the ladies off of him lol.

Jana s was my fave. I think this has been written by one of us here, or at least, whoever did write it has followed our comments.

Dating sites in general are.

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Thank christ that social media star, diary dating, sock hater with the made up accent was eroding my faith in humanity, just a small biteen like. I"m sure you"re a sound lad but im from a different place and time!

Let"s be real here folks none of you people cared about last year when she dating Del rio or when she was doing coke with him so why all of a sudden you people care now that her in ring career is over! Lol you fake wrestling fans make me laugh