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How do doctors know when someone has schizophrenia? Find out what they look for.

What about mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia? Both have strong familial ties. Use in combo with epigenetic markers?

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If the brain can neurologically become ill with schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD why couldn"t it become depressed or anxious in the same way?

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The nicest thing I got asked by a fan today was how are you coping with your Schizophrenia? You seem a lot happier in yourself God Bless

Some of the saddest and lonliest families have someone with schizophrenia in them, It is so stigmatized and misunderstood.Please read on it.

Do we treat schizophrenia by having everyone in their life agree with them that the CIA is after them?

I remember seeing a documentary about kids with childhood onset schizophrenia it was so sad frightening for the parents. : (

Last night this customer with schizophrenia was going nuts and she ended up giving me a $13 tip on her $7 tab.

Please wander into a homeless community riddled with depression and schizophrenia and tell them all about this. And film it.