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Spanish coming into Inca city and challenging Ataxalpa Voiceover: One day in November, 1532, the New World and the Old World collided…

Holy crap imagine going on a date just to have the other person on their phone

It was a bad week for SEC Basketball. On Monday, everything was looking up for the league; four teams were in the Top 25, three in the Top 10, with both Florida and Texas A&M ranked ahead of Kentucky. Take that, narrative! Then came Monday night. Florida lost to Florida State at home and, if that […]

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I"m just waiting for them to announce their live DVD date and venue, ndibephaaaa!

LOL boy was making out with that thang like it was their second date.

I fear it might be due to Odyssey"s later release date. Sure, a lot of people have been able to form their opinions by now but I think most people felt like Zelda left a stronger impact on them.

I feel amused by the whole thing. No one has to destroy the DNC, they have turned cannibalistic. Mark my words their going to lose two seats now and more at a later date. This right thing to do is transparent and voters already know.

I couldn"t date a woman with kids, I"d fuck around and eat all their snacks while I got the munchies

I hope all of Doug"s Staff has their Resume up to date because they are going to need it on Wednesday, December 13, 2017! The good news is; you won"t have to work for a loser anymore! Good Luck and Thank You for helping Doug Lose the Senate Race!

Appropriately backwards for a state that thinks it’s okay for adults to date children with their mom’s permission.

If I have a daughter she better date someone who shows up to their first date with flowers, introduces himself to me, and takes her out on a nice dates consistently. I’m not letting her settle for any Netflix and chill type bullshit.

    Self-confessed drug supplier Kerwin Espinosa and ex-Albuera Police ChiefInsp. Jovie Espenido came face-to-face on Friday, as the police official took the witness stand at a Manila Regional Trial Court tackling the case against the illegal drugs dealer.   READ: 'Not guilty' -- Kerwin Espinosa   Espenido and Espinosa even shook each other's hands before the former testified about the raid conducted on July 28, 2016 at a basketball court in front of Espinosa's house. /kga  .

Keep on reading: Espinosa, Espenido face-off at Manila court in drug case trial

The men I date are always crap, unwilling to let go of their past or too concerned thriving in the lives of others. What happened to the actual confident men? The men who can hold hours upon hours of intellectual stimulation? I miss them, where are you?

Josef Fares went off-book to discuss why he's happy to have been working with EA amid the publisher's recent controversy.

Up-to-date - современный, новейший Перевод слова Up-to-date maps - карты, показывающие современные

Don't rush into buying a fridge, freezer or fridge freezer this winter. Our fire test video shows why non-flame-retardant backing is a potential fire risk.

Till date not received, ask where they have process from their end or not. If you will advise I will send my card statement also.

Refrain from asking others to wait on you. Stop forcing people to stay in your life when it’s past their expiration date. Sometimes people leave because of them, not you. They may want different things; things that may not line up with your values.

The game begins with the start word, which randomly selects a computer. Players take turns one letter fits in any free cell on the playing field so that using this letter to draw up a new word. The word stands out on the field continuously, in any direction, but not on the diagonal. The same cell can not be used twice in the one word. The word can not be re-ballot or coincide with the start word. For each letter in a word created awarded one point. Wins got more points, or player whose opponent can not invent a word for their turn.

Ваша задача - расчистить игровое поле, убирая найденные слова. Верхние кубики при этом осыпаются вниз. Требуется мыслить стратегически и беречь ресурсы.