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Today I searched a lot of fun in ma new class , on the other hand I found a new friend with a types as like me. Kk nah I"m not walking alone

I haven’t been updating this blog which I loved updating. I just got busy with my new life in a new location. In case any one is still reading, I’ll give a quick update. Essentially I’ve moving from Singapore to San Francisco and started making new friends and learning new technologies. San Francisco has been truly an remarkable place. People are more passionate and helpful here. I couldn’t find time to update this blog as much and I’m distracted by the countless things going on within San Francisco and my work.

Nice stuff! The use of sang guard parts is very effective with this army and gives it a new flavour that many csm armies are lacking.

Keep up the good work!


So Nazis can march with torches but you can"t

BTW you should do a types of e-mails just wanted to give a suggestion for

I"m gonna do a "types of people attending Majlis" thread today.

Previous rmours were said to be false by the usual rumour mongers, who are trusted, but it seems that previous rumours were correct!

An in-character, role-playing center for the capsuleers of New Eden. Forge alliances and make friends, resolve disputes or declare hostilities.