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Nutrition Myths Debunked: Part 2 - Duur: 10:31.

Nutrition Myths Debunked: Part 2 - Duur: 10:31.

I"m still convinced that these guys don"t want anything good. They can have it all in one woman. Then throw it all away for a hoodrat.

OMG. A 30 for 30 on Mike the Mad Dog. I don"t know how those guys got where they did. Both terrible. Must be a NY thing.

Please please announce a tour date for PITTSBURGH PA you guys are my dudes wanna meet and see you live it"s on my list to do

Can"t wait to see you guys and dance the night away for the 10th time and many more obviously. Love you and miss u boo

I"m sure you guys are a great team, just look out for Ponds. Best of wishes ( :

A ship name for the 3 guys

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It"s news to me too Chuck, but it"s cool for i really like both of you guys.

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To listen to this episode of Trumpcare Tracker, use the player below: The big news about the Senate health care bill is how little news the GOP leadership is allowing to leak out. Is this a sign of the Republicans’ legislative genius—or is it pure arrogance? Podcast production by June Thomas.

So so so happy for you guys

Uh Nikki vs Asuka isn"t happening at Brooklyn. That"s Ember"s spot. Nikki and Asuka can feud for a bit until it gets closer to Brooklyn.

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Watch out for many trolls on the hashtag, guys. Apparently, they think she radicalized the Alexandria shooter cuz he likes her show.

This week, our podcast team welcomes RPGFan editor Neal Chandran as a guest and discuss among many other subjects, their RPG pet peeves. Featuring: Robert Steinman, Dennis Rubenshteyn, Zack Pintchik, Neal Chandran Questions? Comments? Send an email to Rob:

Ay you guys wanna send me a dm right quick I got a good commercial idea. Sell it to ya for cheap