Topics: How to talk to your crush on a dating site?

After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but Derek Sivers says it's better to keep goals secret. He presents research.

You have to live your own life and make yourself happy before listening to what other people gotta say about it

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At least 50,000 protesters head towards Parliament Square as organisers say Brexit no longer holds credibility in WestminsterThousands of anti-Brexit marchers are descending on Westminster to demand that Britain stays in the European Union.Organisers estimated at least 50,000 protesters were marching through central London before converging on Parliament Square on Saturday for a rally. Later, Sir Bob Geldof and the Liberal Democrat former cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey will address the crowds gathered in the square. Continue reading.

U keep telling yourself that he is on less money then yous offered him it doesn"t say much about yous

Talking about how great you are doesn"t necessarily mean you truly like yourself

If you"re seriously trying to make money off of people who are quite possibly about to lose everything, go fuck yourself!

When you have to have a long, hard debate with yourself about how you"d rather die

Who is this we you"re talking about? Speak for yourself, not others. Where I"m from, WE want him here.

Please read that back to yourself and think about what you have written. Seriously!

Don"t just repeat what Trump says. Read about it for yourself and decide.

Somewhere in you caring too much, you get lost. You end up forgetting about yourself because you"re focused on that care for someone else