Topics: Takarita and swifty dating Focus International

Takarita and swifty dating Focus International

"How a donkey becomes a racehorse, by bread and water"

In result. And it wasn’t predicted. At high tide at night, thousands drowned from ignorance.

Can we just listen to the Kendrick verses in Bad Blood, and edit out the whole its-Taylor-Swift"s-song thing?

Who will win the fight between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and why?

Basically saying. If you don"t like Taylor shut the % up stop bashing her and listen to and buy your own shit. We don"t need you

Why the fuck is Taylor Swift in my release radar playlist tho? I listened to Look What You Made Me Do once out of curiosity and NOW THIS?!?!

Taylor Swift and Maria Sharap it"s ova are one and the same person to me

Destiny 2 seems alright so far. Good gunplay, swift story delivery, and early promises of good coop fun to be had

And I don"t know how it gets better than this, you take my hand and drag me head first, fearless.

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