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Starting Friday, anyone with a New York Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library will be able to stream thousands of awesome movies, including the entire Criterion Collection. Why? Because libraries are awesome, that’s why.

Truth be told, New York is playing a bit of catch up, after Los Angeles offered its public library card holders streaming movie privileges last month. Both cities offer this great new perk through Kanopy, a streaming video service that works with public libraries and universities all over the country. Even if you don’t live in New York or LA, there’s a chance your local public library also offers this service. ( Go to Kanopy’s website to see if you’re in luck.)

You can apply online for a New York Public Library card here and a Brooklyn Public Library card here. Information about LA Public Library cards can be found here. And don’t forget: Not only do these library cards offer free movies, you can borrow books for free, too. Free knowledge!

He said that he"s dating ARMYs before already so this isn"t really news

I"m not an exo-l but this is very selfish. If EXO-l"s really cared about exo then they wouldn"t be against them dating. Exo were smiling-

I know I am. But glad you got to experience it first hand Can"t wait for the next stream!

Tbh, thinking of exo dating someone they love brings out the jealousy in me but i also want them to be happy and be in love

Yay! I can actually make it to this stream!!