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Some are paved and easy, while others are much more rugged and challenging. Each is loved and appreciated, particularly by their neighbors, but we have some strong opinions about which ones are best.

Seriously, any Austin park is readily accessible, but with a carefully chosen Austin park from this list you’ll feel like you’re being bear hugged by Mother Nature herself, and it only takes a few minutes to access each. If you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, or just need to burn off some energy, this is where you need to be.

512-477-1566. Open daily sunrise to sunset. Free. Bikes, dogs on leash OK.  Main Trail Overview Map . Detailed Trail System Map . Next 1 of 10

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Look at the sky. Someone is looking at it and thinking of you

Someone tell Jim so he can lay off the drugs! Give it a year and he"ll be at music festivals wearing a pash looking for his other sandal.

If you are looking for someone to follow on Twitter, you should follow this MD Real Estate Agent. I keep buyers and sellers in the loop.

I"m looking to get someone a magazine subscription as a gift and sweet holy Jesus people pay $300 a year for The Spectator?!

Anyway, we"re not looking for someone who knows more about this rumor.

Millennials. That's the focus this week on Zach on Film. Oh wait, we're talking about St. Elmo's Fire which came out in 1985, so there's no way this would still be relevant to today's society, right? Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ensure Zach on Film continues far into the future! ST. ELMO'S FIRE A group of friends, just out of college, struggle with adulthood.

Bill Doland 55 лет Austin ищет Девушку. Цель знакомства: Создание семьи. Эта и множество других.

Looking for someone to put up with my bullshit

Nothing is worse than thinking you found that figure you"ve been looking for and then flipping it around and see that someone took its head