Topics: Good graphics card for me!?

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Well if u follow then dating is not even on the cards, it PnD lol

My dating life is like a bad hand in spades i got a few possibles and depending on how the cards are played i can win 1 but I’m not counting on it

If I remember right it"s grand success with essence cards roll roll roll gold.

People out here making Christmas cards with people they are dating. No no won’t be catching me making any picture collage Christmas card until a rock is on my finger.

I seen this post that said if you were dating somebody from Atlanta and they just disappear after a week to check your credit/bank cards for fraudulent activity. I’m screaming

The Pokémon cards are a little freaky. Am worried these are kids that this gentleman would be dating

If you refuse to play cards with my grandpa at a family gathering I will not be dating you. Thanks for the application though.

A romantic, candlelit dinner would be incomplete without ______. Only dating Asian women.

Bianca and I didn’t really grow up with traditions of sending out Christmas cards, wearing matching pjs, and getting dolled up for dinner ( we do it so we force our family to do it or everyone would wear sweats ) but we somehow managed to end up dating the most white people ever