Topics: Marnie Simpson goes speed dating after Lewis Bloor split.

" Hi PreDating: Myself and Theresa (pictured) were the first couple to chat at a Honolulu PreDating event (venue All-Star Hawaii) in March of last year. After a successful "match" and quick exchange of e-mails, I asked Theresa to a local concert. Likely due to the successful "first-vibes" of our pre-date, we hit it off instantly and have been a couple ever since.. "

Mike. Glennon’s. Release. Is. So. Slow. And. He. Stares. Down. His. Primary. Receiver. And. He. Turns. Over. The. Ball. He’s. Bad. Why. Wouldn’t. John. Fox. Announce. A. Quarterback. Change. Friday? The whole idea of Mitch Trubisky is to give the Bears a chance to win games. The reality of Glennon.

Man arrested in connection with attack – one of several incidents in four cities that have left left two dead and several injuredA man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing of a 14-year-old boy outside a mosque in Birmingham.The attack, which left the teenager in critical condition, was one of several violent incidents in four cities that left two people dead and several others injured on Friday night and the early hours of Saturday.
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More possible Abhigya"ness: If Abhi was speaking thru an earpiece trying to help Pragz at speed-dating post her breakup with Suresh

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz tweeted after Trump sent out a series of tweets about her "poor leadership" this morning: Context: Trump's early-morning tweets slammed Cruz for her "poor leadership" and claimed that Democrats advised her to be "nasty to Trump."

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