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So Dev, did you watch porn when you were younger?
I started watching porn when I was 15. I was the typical teen with dial-up, clogging up the phone line in my parent’s house by trying to buffer porn videos.

Do you think when you were younger that pornography acted as a form of sexual education for you?
Yes and no. I mean, you definitely watched and learned. For example, porn taught me what a vagina looks like. But I was also aware that a good part of porn is acting. But I think you can learn some basic tips from porn, as long as you understand that porn is sensational, especially when it comes to female pleasure.

Do you think guys can tell when a girl is faking an orgasm?
I’m pretty confident that I can tell. But I also think that girls haven’t really faked orgasms with me. Although faking happens I’ve faked orgasms in the past, when I just wasn’t into it. I also have a technique for faking going down on a girl, which involves a lot of saliva and slyly replacing your tongue with your thumb.

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