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‘I don’t think the cast of the new film have the same horsepower we had’It was difficult to persuade Agatha Christie to sign over the rights. She’d hated the film version of The ABC Murders. But she trusted us. Sidney Lumet was directing, even though his agent didn’t want him to. She called it “the dumb train movie”. She wanted him to work in Los Angeles, but he didn’t like it there. Continue reading.

Um, they were absolutely dating. Are you talking about the same incident? She literally calls him her boyfriend in the video of him dying.

BUT they began dating when she was 16!

I dont get why everyone is throwing hate at when she does nothing wrong? Idk if its true that and H are dating, but if they were, who cares? People date, its human. There’s nothing better than seeing your idol happy. if this makes them happy, let them.

The effort begins Monday with teasers asking "How do you like your eggs?" On Friday, the Egg Board's campaign is set to continue with characters and their answers in online videos, including Santa Claus and another video with a nutcracker (he likes his eggs cracked) for the holiday season. The push includes 6-second and 15-second digital ads, and efforts such as promoted Pinterest pins and ad-wrapped delivery trucks. Continue reading at

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Dating younger women? She was 14. That’s a pedophile not someone who ‘dates younger women’ azzhole.

Is she finally dating banzi?