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clary&jace | where's my love - Duur: 2:42.

Well, I"m Russian, and I think it"s quite the opposite. Americans do not take dating as serious as Europeans

Imagine dating a guy who threw your cat out just for the cat to become homeless and you did absolutely nothing about it. Yikes

(Rumor) Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios in Fall??? - Duur: 4:36.

I hate it when people are like whose the girl and who"s the boy in the relationship. What is normal anyway?

Also a lot think I"m dating rama and I say yes behind her back sometimes, so she"d stop playing. Also fuck that other smol bean bitch.

Hey I drew you and Joan into the HP Universe ( Goblet of Fire to be exact, and yes I"m aware you"re not dating )

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one"s levels of aspiration and expectation.

Update: the 5th graders are convinced me and CA are dating. That"s the mystery boyfriend