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First the Overall Title, then the “Never Been Done“ Title – a Perfect World Cup Season with 6 wins in the row. Nino Schurter is just incredible

Mike Horn just completed the first ever solo, unsupported north-to-south crossing of antartica. Reason enough for us to interview him and get some more insight on this incredible feat.

The Enduro Run fun oriented approach and easy access for runners, trail runners and even non runners alike was greatly appreciated. Enduro Lagnes race was the first of a long series of SCOTT Enduro Runs.

Out of the 107 million taken in? I guess the rest is going toward Donny Jr"s legal defense. Uninpressive. Wasn"t his money to begin with

Good evening Chasity, Neene, JR, Ally, Ali, Sierra, Sally you good folks Excited Wium is back in Djuma

Jill Scott is such a fine ass woman yo

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Scott Weinburg tweeted me. Bruh. What is this?!

Emerging esoteric researcher Wren Collier discussed the occult, ufology, and where these worlds may meet. Plus tons more.