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I think the revelation of dating women as a man period is a problem is sinking in. To give them anything more than sex is a problem.

I"ve noticed something ; people in the dating scene have more relationship problems than those In actual relationships. Lol. Y"all suck

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed

If you’re dating my friend please do not message me on Facebook introducing yourself. It’s weird, I’m awkward, and what the hell are we going to talk about? K bye

Lying of what??? Each situation presents its own and unique set of variables. When I was that age ( 18 ) I dated women that were 30-35. I loved dating older women. I didn’t care for the giggly young girls.

Sounds delish. Where is it fro? I can pronounce chutzpodik, but what is beef fry? LOL I have Jenny Grossinger"s cookbook and The New Settlement Cookbook which is a collection of Jewish recipes from the American diaspora dating back to 1901 : )

I’m horrible at dating because I’m not looking for a thing. I want THE thing and I only like to waste my own time. I don’t need help doing that lol.

U can trick urself into thinking you"re dating a nice boy ladies but just wait; ) ) ) you"ll get that fat ass slap to the face soon after