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We live in wonderful neighborhood, filled with lots of kids and great people we now consider our closest friends.  Getting together with our neighbors during the holiday season is something I’m really looking forward to.  I’ve decided to have a casual, fun holiday party with kids and grown-ups everyone included!  These Penguin Cookies will be the perfect treat for our holiday party and something that both kids and grown-ups will love!

To make these fun Penguin Cookies I needed just a few ingredients.  I stopped by my local Target store to pick up Town House Crackers.  These crackers are the perfect shape for the penguins, and have a wonderful, buttery flavor perfect for a sandwich cookies like these!  In addition to the Town House crackers, I also picked up some creamy peanut butter, a package of chocolate candy coating, some orange peanut butter candy pieces, and some candy eyes.  I also used bright white chocolate candy melts as the round tummies of the penguins.

Hello! Delighted to meet you! My name is Erin, and the "E" in Delightful E Made. I take great joy in cooking, baking, creating and sharing all the greatness that food brings to our lives and how it connects us as friends, family and community. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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