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Year Old Sushi Eating Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN - Duur: 12:51.

Stop by Kura Kura. Great food and drinks. Our waitress was so helpful and fun. After a long day of taking in the Kyoto sites, a great stop.

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Year Old Sushi Eating Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN - Duur: 12:51.

FREE meal sites for kids are open until late August. Dial United Way"s 2-1-1 hotline to find a site near you.

E.t. beings are most commonly spotted patrolling nuclear test/launch sites in capable countries. Trying to stop a catastrophe?

Oman and Morocco I am craving for. Those food markets look absolutely unreal as well as th sites. Your photos are awesome!

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Listen to this episode of Studio 360 by clicking the arrow on the audio player below: On this week’s Studio 360, some favorite recent segments about music. What drove Carrie Brownstein to actually punch herself in the face when she was on tour with Sleater-Kinney, the haunting beauty and artistry of the Twin Peaks score, and Shamir plays his insanely catchy music live in our studio. Studio 360 plugs: Please remember to like us on our Facebook page and Twitter. Send your emails to

If you"re in Iowa you better be ! We"re taking in all the sites sculptures trying the amazing food!


By all accounts a total solar eclipse is a life-changing event. I wouldn t know, I ve never seen one. Fortunately for me and millions across the U.S., that will change this summer.