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Is Daniel Actually The Bad Guy In The Karate Kid?? This HIGHlarious Video Will Change The Way You Watch The '80s Classic!

Karate kid reference- yes! lol

High Karate-Villiage People Bass Up by High Karate on

I"m the space invader, I"ll be a rock "n" rollin" bitch for you

Iran declares national day of mourning and newspapers publish front pages in Kurdish to show solidarity with affected regionIranian officials have raised the death toll from Sunday’s earthquake of 7.3 magnitude on its border with Iraq to at least 530, making it the deadliest in the world this year.The country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, travelled on Tuesday to Kermanshah, the area hardest hit by the earthquake, which was felt hundreds of miles away in both Tehran and Baghdad. Continue reading.

A new survey says getting revenge makes you feel worse in the long run. So I guess I should stop cheering at the end of The Karate Kid ? Dave

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