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Phil Knight, former chair and CEO of Nike, tells the story of starting the sports apparel and equipment giant after taking an entrepreneurship class at Stanford and teaming up with his former track coach, Bill Bowerman. Together (and with the help of a waffle iron) they changed how running shoes are designed and made. Knight discusses the company's enduring culture of innovation, as well as the succession process that led to former runner and Nike insider Mark Parker becoming CEO.

Asked a staff member, turned out they are dating and sneak out in office lunch break for half hour of gym -- creating tremors all over!

I"m giving Ryan control of the next dating profile bc he knows how to talk to women and I"m fresh out of vacation bible school

Физиотерапия традиционно является важной составляющей в профилактике и лечении огромного количества заболеваний. На сегодняшний день нет практически ни одной сферы врачебной практики, где бы она не использовалась как вспомогательный или основной метод лечения. При некоторых заболеваниях физиотерапия часто является единственным методом лечения.

Однако в последнее время всё чаще задают вопросы о наличии противопоказаний для использования методов лечения физиотерапии. Традиционно больше всего вопросов в отношении проблем гинекологии. Поэтому стоит поговорить об этом отдельно.

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I dont fault no black man for dating outside of our race, you like what you like just don"t drag us through the mud during the process

I think I"m incapable of dating or marrying someone country I tried it and it sucked. That harsh southern drawl is hard to get used to

Like sometimes ppl be planning their future with someone when they been dating the amount of time t takes me to eat a single chicken nugget