Topics: When churches keep on Pastors or ministers caught in Sin, whose is responsible for the second time it occurs?

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Any Pakistani spreading rumors that PTI, SC army have joined hands 2 MNS has 2 first defend himself/herself.Does he/she really believe that the man charged with corruption, money laundering and plundering exchequer has not done it. Everything is being done in accordance with law

The idea that marriage is within the remit of the state and has for centuries is true, but that"s only because for centuries states were explicitly Christian and charged with upholding and spreading a public Christian morality.

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Then why wasn"t he charged with Treason?? Ahhh because he DID NOT commit Treason if he did Mueller would"ve charged him with It, not lying about committing Treason! Stop spreading lies like does!!

Pay no attention to this. He does NOT represent us. He is a ! Spreading his ! A who should be charged with !

Um, he was demoted in August. So not all of a sudden and not related to Flynn being charged. But nice try at spreading lies.