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I spent 15 years building a successful business. Would I change direction for s hunch without a back up? Would I fuck! Utter madness

At KoolKampus we create and nurture a student-centric learning system. Our observations of schooling in India and abroad prompted us to create an extended classroom by empowering Teachers to go beyond school boundaries and allowing students to learn at their own pace.

KoolKampus was started as a way of giving back to society. Our goal is to deliver quality education to schools where Teachers may not be available but where technology can do the teaching via other Teachers. We are currently focused on creating virtual classrooms for urban Institutes where faculty can share academic material with students to access anytime/anywhere.

ECB should either bring home shambolic England team or call up Stokes NOW. If he can play in NZ he can play for us. 5:0 whitewash without Ben.

I"m interested in his opinion - those who can"t acknowledge him without mentioning Iraq really need to grow up as it"s so f*cking tedious

I am fed up with the right and their sanctimonious selves. They need to be called out on every sexual offense done by them. And I see you must be one because you can"t acknowledge this without bringing up someone from the left. It"s like you feel two wrongs make a right.

I love how republicans were crying themselves to sleep and making up conspiracy theories so they could hate Obama without calling it racism, but now that Trump is president they act like they weren"t a bunch of whiny babies for eight years.

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I love alone time.An afternoon to kick my feet up with a face mask on , smoke alone and watch shows without interruptions.

Thanks for the tag lovely! You are so stunning, wish I looked like that without a scrap of make up :O

How can make America Great Again without ripping up old understandings creating new ones?

Если вы не делали ничего из вышеперечисленного - значит блокировка была спровоцирована вашими соседями по сети (с одного IP адреса на сайт могут приходить ваши коллеги по работе или соседи по дому). В таком случае вам необходимо обратиться к своему интернет-провайдеру и заказать услугу выделенного IP адреса.

Популярный сайт знакомств имеет самую огромную базу реальных анкет рускоязычных пользователей. Более 11 миллионов анкет, более 100 тысяч реальных парней и девченок, женщин и мужчин находятся on-line. Здесь можно найти любовь, серьезные отношения, просто дружбу или приятных собеседников, попутчиков для путешествий.

Друзья, рады представить вам скриншоты расширенной локации "Побережье" в игре Escape from Tarkov. Данное расширение локации будет в одном из обновлений. 

Побережье является одной из самых разнообразных карт, но у нее есть проблема -- кол-во игроков на ней. Будет ли увеличено их кол-во вместе с расширением? 

I remember a day Ame visited me without warning; I thought only Elliot would be at home so I didn"t dress up after my shower haha wwwww