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New details have emerged surrounding the mysterious death of Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old college student from Ohio who was imprisoned and reportedly abused in North Korea.

Are you going to condemn bojo for his code of conduct or join the calls for him to be sacked. Oh no may hasn"t got the power to do it either

Breaking ECB Code Of Conduct. Which covers any time. Especially while on England duty as Vice Captain halfway through a series.

Football field is same as corporate office. Any business code of conduct would not approve a pubic protest at place of business.

I"d love to see the district code of conduct that has suspension and expulsion on the discipline matrix as a consequence for cussing.

Have you ever served in the military? What is the flag code of conduct? Your anger has nothing to do with the flag. Reevaluate yourself

This is hella unprofessional and I"m sure breaking some rule in your company code of conduct

I"m the 30% that thinks they should be fired! Protest on OWN time, not at work, follow NFL code of conduct. Employers don"t allow protests!

Either way, command can be overridden if the Code of Conduct is being violated.

This is not about a stupid poll. It"s about code of conduct in showing respect to the nation where they earn a living

See there online dating code of conduct

LDS Singles Online® - Online LDS Dating Personals for LDS Singles - Meet thousands of LDS singles.

Vice captain - role model. Plus signs an ECB Code of conduct. Not sure but this may break it. Especially halfway through a series.

They can protest on their OWN time. Not at work. No employer would allow it. What makes them special? It"s in NFL code of conduct.

I"m very persistent when I am right. I have far more commitment than does to their own Code of Conduct. They can never sell me more

Each individual that is protesting the American flag during the football game as an employee of the NFL should be fired for code of conduct