Topics: Why are the girls on a dating site (okcupid) so outgoing?

Well, they said sign up would take approximately 60 seconds, and it did. A short sign up is always nice, as it allows you to get right into the site quicker. There are lots of online interactive cartoons that go along with OkCupid , who help you throughout the sign up and help get you going once you’re all set up. It’s kind of interesting, and different.

Excuse me, but OKCUPID has been around almost TWO DECADES. I have been a moderator of this site for the ENTIRE time. It began as a TESTING SITE for geeks, nerds & brainiacs as part of BARNES & NOBLE and wasn’t even called okcupid, but The Spark. Chris (the owner of the site) split off from Barnes & Noble over 15 years ago.

As time went on, this site became a dating website slowly since the people who used it wanted a way to meet each other & Chris developed it.

I hated okcupid. For real tho online dating is the worst. The magic moment between people is alway face to face doing stuff you both live to do.

I don"t give a flying crap about being POLITICALLY CORRECT about TRANSGENDER. I went on a site looking for romance, Now I have to screen each person to make sure they are born female. OKCUPID and POF the worst for transgender females a law needs to be past.

Tinder sucks. OKCupid sucks. MeetMe is literally the worst thing on the planet.

Neither do I. Been in both Tinder and OK Cupid. No luck for me, however. Will see. Worst case scenario, I get out of the house more and deactivate again in few weeks time.

Had someone say this to be on an OkCupid date - the only OkC date I ever went on that I didn"t initiate, also obviously the worst

Okcupid is the absolute worst. 90+ messages of dudes either asking about my tattoos, asking for my number or getting mad that I haven’t replied to ALL 90+ of them is the biggest turn off of all time.

Probably the worst thing you could have done on ok cupid you"ve done. Soon we"re going to need to subscribe right? Tsk tsk.

Back in the day, most people's dream was to somehow meet someone in real life, fall in love with said person by a stroke of magic, and then, get …

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Hey guys the two episodes I had queued up for release just got fried with a faulty microsd card. So I don't have an episode for you today. However, I'm making sure Ill have one out on friday so hang on to your butts there will still be a Tinder Tales this week!

Okay just saw the Anant Ambani speech. This has to be the worst OkCupid profile ever lol.