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In most states, you must register before you can vote. Check your state’s voter registration deadline here. Click here for a National Mail.

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Если Вы уже прочли статью «Как выбрать портретный объектив?» , то теперь настала пора определиться с конкретной моделью. Портретный объектив Canon выбрать достаточно легко, если четко представлять себе в чем отличия множества объективов друг от друга. В данной статье рассмотрены объективы Canon, пригодные именно для использования в портретной фотографии. Список отсортирован по возрастанию стоимости.

Это идеальный выбор для новичков в жанре портретной съемки. Отлично подходит для камер с кроп-матрицей и на них становится настоящим портретным объективом (эквивалентное фокусное расстояние 80 мм). В то же самое время этот объектив является светосильным (f/1.8 в 8 раз больше захватывает свет чем Canon EF 18-55), что обеспечивает неплохое размытие заднего плана на портретных снимках. Объектив относят к разряду низкобюджетных решений и обычно покупают на смену или в дополнение к «китовому» объективу (18-55).

My lack of blogging is an easy answer. You know those challenges that life throws you here and there? Well in my life recently those “challenges” to me is bullshit and the “here and there” has become always. My life recently has been overwhelmed with so much bullshit/drama that I haven’t had the energy to […]

Ohio is for online I believe. My last few have been there

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 Just in time for Valentine’s Day (ugh, sorry), dating app OK Cupid is getting a makeover. Psych!  Just kidding, the company is introducing a new version of its mobile app today, but OK Cupid’s full redesign won’t actually roll out until March. Though the timing of the announcement is clearly manufactured, the overhaul itself is fairly significant. In addition to getting… Read More

He’s single because this is his profile picture on the dating site. I’m single because the dating site suggested his profile to me.

When you are tired of the endless match-making efforts of your friends and family and want to find your life … Continue reading →

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A longer look at a lonely hearts adName Annette Hoffmann
Age 24
Occupation Translator/interpretor
Area London
Looking for "Someone who's tall, honest and doesn't look like an Oompa Loompa!"
In her own words "I'm fun-loving and open to meeting new people"I moved over from Germany to be with a boyfriend, but after a perfect long-distance relationship, the reality of living together was very different. He'd come over a few years before, so he was established, whereas I was new to it all: I had to find a job, make friends and get used to living in a new country. Continue reading.

There's nothing lonelier than being single at Christmas. But comfort can't be found in the arms of strangersNothing says lonely like Christmas. And nothing says trashy like a Saturday night fling that starts - and ends - in a nightclub toilet cubicle. What's trashier still is that it happened last week to a girl once so naive she asked her teacher what a well-known slang word for the male anatomy meant, aged eighteen. Me. Continue reading.

Here I found Ohio Online Dating Find Friends Online Easily

In most states, you must register before you can vote. Check your state’s voter registration deadline here. Click here for a National Mail.

Precious fellow laborers you shared with us. Watched online from Ohio. Love Beth Yeshua.

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