Topics: Playing destiny but not partaking in any of the raids?

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Destiny 2 raid setting

Destiny 2's game director, Luke Smith, dropped some cheeky teases about the new raid's setting at E3 2017. He was speaking to Mashable about the themes of each of the original raids: "Vault of Glass has this property where it spreads players out and brings them back together," while Crota's End is all about individual "hero moments," King's Fall about traversing space, and Wrath of the Machine's "heartbeat" was about "moments of glorious combat."

The new raid, "when we looked at it, it was about building a place you believe is real. That was our priority. A place that you believe could exist," he says, giggling like a man sitting on a good secret. "It's unlike anything we've done. The team is incredibly talented; it is a joy to see them work."

Have you ever done a raid? Because there is more to Destiny than Crucible and story. How about a weekly nightfall strike?

Anyone else? I need a raid squad for destiny 2

Destiny 2 Beta PS4 Day 1 w/TC Black Widow - Duur: 44:26.

I feel the same way but I can"t wait till we can run the raid once Destiny 2 drops.

Anyone know of a good Destiny Raid help community or something on ps4? Anything? XD

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