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F or a company that seemingly has a global responsibility to celebrate beauty of all tones, Nivea surely has failed with its recent ads in West Africa.

A social media storm stirred up after Ghanian musician Fuse ODG posted a Nivea Natural Fairness Body Lotion ad recently. The skin cream’s tagline promising “visibly fairer skin” was concerning for many people, NPR reported, especially coming from a company with a troubling history of tone-deaf and racist controversies . The tagline upholds devastatingly wrong beliefs that lighter-colored skin is better than darker skin and that skin color is somehow a measure of beauty.

More problematic is the ad’s showcasing of former Nigerian beauty queen Omowunmi Akinnifesi , who is featured while gazing into space with “a sly smile playing on the sides of her lips.” Akinnifesi’s skin “progressively” lightens as she applies Nivea’s product to her body as if she is performing a magic trick. For real? Did Nivea not think about the pain that had driven dark-skinned women to try bleaching agents?

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