Topics: Travis Kelce Dating Woman He Met on His New Reality Dating.

Travis Kelce says he's REALLY dating one of the women he met on his reality dating show -- but had to weed out the fame-hungry thots before he could find his special lady.

The KC Chiefs tight end just finished taping " Catching Kelce " -- where 50 chicks from 50 states competed for his love, affection and NFL salary (kidding on the last one, maybe).

The shocking part. Travis says he found a real-life KEEPER. and he's still dating her right now (even though the cameras stopped rolling ).

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First of all, marriage??? How long have they been dating? We just found out in October. She must be pregnant if that’s true.

Found various ex-workmates from almost two decades back. 80% of them seem to have married the person they were dating when I knew them.

I have a friend who was dating a cam girl until he found out she planned to rob his jewellery business with her pimp and fellow prostitutes.

I kissed dating goodbye because I found out that God has something better in store!

Mad bc I was dating a girl who was incredibly beautiful like an actual 10 aka out of my league ( who somehow found me really attractive ) and I screwed it up fml my low self esteem has returned

When the Reverend Wright “God damn America” came out, I said “boy, Obama’s in trouble.” the girl I was dating said, “THEY FOUND HIM?!?!”

Like whenever they ask about dating, boyfriends, etc I"m always tight lipped. So when they found my insta, twas a bit of a shock.