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I really don"t like Nadia on celebs go dating, so annoying

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If you listen closely at 1:39 it sounds like Scott have my a hickey. not Scott have me a hint.

I Love this movie, the lady @ the end the chosen one remind me of my self.. this movie really has a powerful message how the lady is the chosen one to defeat the witch with the Blood Of JESUS!! In the book of Exodus Jesus says Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. And the lady came in with Fire in her mouth and slayed the witch.. Love it!!

Why do you people always scare me.You decided to never let me have peaceful nights!! 😭😭😭This nollywood movies addiction must be taken care of!😢😢 nice movie!!

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So yesterday i talked openly about dating! And apparently as a muslim lady it wasn"t right for me to say i am dating i have a few things

What"s the dating woman called ? Nadia what ? I need her jeans

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