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Oml if you"re dating a girl that likes simple dates and eating food, and watching netflix, she can easily eat more food then you, FACTS

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Fish that live more than 800 meters below the ocean surface don"t have eyes.

My sisters had more fun with this kid she met 2 days ago, than Caleb and I have had in 2 years of dating. Why are college lives so boring?

Joel Clement — a federal scientist who blew the whistle on the Trump administration, claiming he was reassigned for warning about the dangers of climate change to Alaska natives — has resigned from his post at the Interior Department.

I"m more shocked in knowing you"re dating someone you have known for a long time. Hard to see that happen.

And that’s something I have to pay more attention to, especially when dating.

Yeah ever time I reopen it, everything"s in a different order, dating back a week or more, wtf is this lmao

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